Tips for Fall Prevention in Seniors

In our last post we discussed the horrifying statistics involving falls among the elderly. In this post we are sharing some tips for reducing those falls.

  1. Remove anything that’s a trip hazard.

Pay attention to any low to the ground items. Area rugs look nice, but are not worth the risk if they were to become bunched up and become a trip hazard.

  2. Open up space in rooms.

The more space in each room, the safer it is. Make clear walkways, that have plenty of open space to walk in without bumping into anything. Just keep what you need and get the rest of the unnecessary furniture out. Making sure your home has more uninhabited space.

  3. Add lighting. 

Do a walk-through survey of your house. Increase lighting throughout the house, especially at the top and bottom of stairs. Ensure that lighting is readily available when getting up in the middle of the night.

  4. Grab bars.

The bathroom is where you face the largest risk of a fall. Install grab bars in the tub/shower and near the toilet. Make sure they’re installed where your older loved one would actually use them.

  5. Ask about medications.

Ask your loved one if they are having trouble remembering to take their medication or having side effects. Some medication’s can cause vision changes and dizziness. Encourage then to talk openly with their health care provider about all their concerns and request an evaluation of current medications which may contribute to the risk of falling.

Ensuring you have a fall prevention plan in place for your loved one, should be a top concern as you or a loved one age. Home modifications are important for increasing your comfort, but also crucial in increasing your level of safety within your home.



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